View of a thin disc of human blood. Donné, Alfred  (French, 1801-1878)

This fictitious application of the photographic art, to the promotion of natural science, after some experimental essays, more or less successful, was first carried out, so as to be available for the practical purposes of science, by Dr. Donné assisted by M. Leon Foccult, in 1845. In the year Dr. Donné published an atlas to illustrate his course on microscopic anatomy and physiology, which had appeared in the previous year, consisting of twenty plates, on each of which were four microscopic engravings made from daguerreotype plates which had been produced in the manner above described. I avail myself gladly of the kind permission of the authors of this work, and of Mr. Bailliére, its publisher, to reproduce four of these engravings upon the scale on which they are given by the authors. P. 99