Unknown Eickemeyer, Rudolf  (American, 1862 - 1932)

Campbell’s patented “Art-Relievo” platinum photographic prints were 3-dimensional photographic reproductions in ‘absolute relief’ (embossed) of various famous works that he sold in the late 1890’s. What is interesting about the Art Relievos is that Campbell initially worked with the Carbon Studio in Manhattan, but soon hired one of their top employees, the well known American pictorialist photographer Rudolf Eickemeyer, Jr. (1862-1932) who later became art manager of Campbell’s portrait studio at 564-568 Fifth Avenue in New York. The Art-Relievo prints came in various sizes (6.5 x 8" up to 15 x 60") and they were pretty expensive back in the day, ranging in price from $2-$50 each ($56 to $1,400 in today’s dollar).