Tirage Fait a L’Autocopiste Raymond, M.  (French)

The Autocopiste (autocopy) was a portable table-top collotype based printing machine that brought reproducing photographs in ink to the non-professional public, putting photography in ink ‘within reach to all’.

to put the amateurs in a position to indulge themselves, without expenses, without cumbersome material, printing to oily inks which of all known means of reproducing the photographic image is, without a doubt, the fastest and the one that best ensures its conservation. That’s what the Compagnie française de l’Autocopiste has just made. The results that can be obtained with this small device can be appreciated by our readers by examining the specimen accompanying the March issue of our Bulletin.” [1]

While advertised to be simple, the process was quite complex. This is perhaps why it did not cause quite the sensation that Kodak did that same year with its Brownie and famous claim, you press the button, we do the rest.

Despite it’s lack of success, this printed sample is quite beautiful.


[1] From an advertisement