Portrait of Alfred Stieglitz Eugene, Frank  (American, 1865-1936)

Alfred Stieglitz had become Frank Eugene’s second promoter, alongside Sadakichi Hartmann. But whereas Hartmann was soon to express criticism of Eugene’s method and his initial admiration turn into open rejection, Stieglitz and Eugene were linked by an intensive and life-long friendship. An outward sign of that relationship was the reproduction of a portrait of Stieglitz by Eugene in The Amateur Photographer in July 1900 to illustrate an article by Hartmann on Stieglitz’ services to the Camera Club. Like Eugene, Stieglitz was the son of German immigrants and had begun to acquire works of Eugene’s for his private collection in 1900. As editor of Camera Notes he had frequently had Eugene’s works reproduced in that magazine. In 1901 a selection of Eugene’s images including this portrait of Stieglitz also appeared as photogravures in the portfolio American Pictorial Series II. From the beginning Stieglitz, as curator, had tried to integrate Eugene’s photographs into exhibitions in New York, Glasgow and Turin. Alongside Heinrich Kuhn, Ernst Juhl and Fritz Matthies-Masuren, Eugene was Stieglitz’ most important contact person in Germany. [1]

Reproduced / Exhibited

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