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Maternal Love White, Clarence H.  (American, 1871-1925)

Art in Photography was published in Britain in the summer of 1905. It contains 110 images by the leading photographers of the day including Steiglitz , Steichen, Clarence White. In his Preface the editor writes………. The aim of the editor in the preparation of this special number has been to bring together examples of the best work done in recent years by the leading photographic artist in Europe and America; and a special effort has been made has been made to ensure that the reproductions shall retain as much as possible of the quality of the original prints. He desires to express his thanks to all those who have aided him….especially are his thanks due to Mr Alfred Stieglitz and Mr E.J.Steichen.

This British publication is often times compared to Stieglitz’s Camera Work. And while it has an appealing design and contains a few small (mostly poorly made) tipped in photogravures and many tipped in halftone plates, it by no means compares in quality, design or artfulness to Stieglitz’s tour de force. That being said, this small Clarence White photogravure is an exception.

Reproduced / Exhibited

Foster, Sheila J, Manfred Heiting, and Rachel Stuhlman. Imagining Paradise: The Richard and Ronay Menschel Library at George Eastman House, Rochester. Göttingen: Steidl, 2007 p. 206