Fox Talbot 1800 – 1877 Moffat, John  (Scottish, 1819-1894)

John Moffat’s family moved from Aberdeen to Edinburgh when he was seven years old. His first business dealt in engraved and chalk/crayon portraits. In 1853 he set up his photographic studio in Princes Street and after two more moves he opened his studio at 103 Princes Street in 1861 and stayed there until 1875 when he switched full time to larger premises at 125 Princes Street. He was principally a portrait photographer, but he also produced stereoscopic photographs. Apart from being a successful businessman, he was also an amateur painter and musician and had eight children, of whom several were as multi-talented as their father. Moffat died in 1894 but the firm continued in his name under the leadership of his eldest son, Frank Pelham Moffat.

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MoMA Object number 263.2009

National Galleries of Scotland, National Trust Collections


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