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Deutsche Arbeit Dust Jacket Hoppe, E.O.  (German, 1878-1972)

Beautiful example of rotogravure.

Rare volume by one of the most important photographers of his era. Homage to Germany’s industrial workers and their contribution to Germany’s "rebirth" after WWI. Includes appendix with descriptions of photographs. Trained as a banker, E.O. Hoppé became increasingly enamored with photography, and in 1907 jettisoned his commercial career and opened a portrait studio. Within a few years, E.O. Hoppé was the undisputed leader of pictorial portraiture in Europe. To say that someone has a "household name" has become a cliché, yet in Hoppé’s case the phrase is apt. Rarely in the history of the medium has a photographer been so famous in his own lifetime among the general public. It is difficult to think of a prominent name in the fields of politics, art, literature, and the theatre who did not pose for his camera."

Reproduced / Exhibited

Parr, Martin, and Gerry Badger. The Photobook: A History. London: Phaidon, 2014. p. 125