Cathédrale De Chartres. Pourtour Du Choeur, Xvie Siècle Nègre, Charles  (French, 1820-1880)

This photograph comes originally from the collection of pioneering photography collector and dealer André Jammes, who acquired the definitive archive of Nègre’s work from a descendent in the 1950s. It is through Jammes that the work of this important and formative photographer became known in the 20th century. Jammes’s beautifully-produced 1963 book Charles Nègre Photographe: 1820-1880, reintroduced Nègre to the world and opened his work to study. The important publications on Nègre by James Borcoman and Françoise Heilbrun in the 1970s and 1980s owe their existence to Jammes’s discovery, as does our current understanding of Nègre’s place in the canon of 19th-century photographers.

Reproduced / Exhibited

Borcoman, James. Charles Nègre. Ottawa: Galerie nationale du Canada, 1976. Fig. 169.