Yangshuo (bamboo in center) Conner, Lois  (American, b.1944)

The New York-based photographer Lois Conner has been traveling the world with a 7"x17” banquet camera nearly half a century. Through the elongated format of her work she has explored the landscape and the temper of our times. Her art is contemporary, and her vision ‘a long view’ that captures the eternal in the moment, timelessness. Conner’s work is that of the artist-artisan: every aspect of her art involves hand made prints executed with demanding techniques of platinum printing. In recent years she has employed digital technologies to expand the format of her work, embracing landscapes from the natural to the man-made.

For decades, Lois Conner has traveled to China to take photographs, maintaining a strong interest in the country’s history, culture, and the way the landscape can connect us to other places. In The River Flows Into the Heavens, Conner shows us a river winding through a misty Chinese landscape, evoking mystical or spiritual elements, and prompting consideration of what is tangible, and what is imagined. Conner’s work can be found in such collections as the Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Getty Museum, and Los Angeles County Museum of Art.