Erwartung Stieglitz, Alfred  (American, 1864-1946)

Photographisches Centralblatt was a German photographic journal published under the auspices of the Camera Club of Vienna. First appearing in October, 1895 and ending under its own imprint in 1903, it was published twice monthly. Each issue included at least one hand-pulled photogravure as well as numerous sheet-fed plates, as well as technical articles and club news. In 1903 the decision had been made to combine Photographisches Centralblatt with the Club’s other journal, Photographische Rundschau, most likely for reasons of economy. From 1904-1911, its title became the Photographische Rundschau und Photographisches Centralblatt.

Reproduced / Exhibited

Crawford, William. The Keepers of Light. Dobbs Ferry: Morgan and Morgan, 1979. p. 14-15