Mgr. Lavigerie, Evéque de Nancy Disderi  (French)

Bernard (77 rue de Rivoli, Paris) produced a number of plates by photogravure as early as 1859. He may have been a professional lithographer as well. Examples of Bernard’s prints are very rare. Those currently known are portraits of Madame Marie Sasse, artiste à l’Opéra, Gustave Dore and Mademoiselle Moreau, artiste du Théâtre Lyrique and a view of Notre Dame. The examples are held at the The Bibliothèque nationale de France and David A. Hanson Collection Of The History Of Photomechanical Reproduction at the Clark. This print was acquired from the family of Charles Nègre. [1]


[1] Hanson, David Checklist of photomechanical processes and printing 1825-1910, 2017 p. 19