Une route de campagne en hiver Job, Charles  (English, 1853-1930)

The 1896 international photographic art exposition hosted by the Photo-Club de Paris, its third, was held at the Galerie Des Champs Elysées in Paris from May 12-31, 1896. Like the first two years, an elegant photogravure portfolio was published in conjunction with the show. This portfolio contains 42 photogravures and one lithographic plate-depicting an Art-Nouveau style drawing by the French artist Edme Couty. All the plates were printed by the French Atelier Charles Wittmann. Copper plates for the plate impressions were prepared by Fillon et Heuse, two by Blechinger and one each by James Craig Annan and Walter Colls.

Charles Job (1853-1930) was a stockbroker by profession. An early member of the Hove Camera Club, he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society in 1895 and became a member of the British Linked Ring in 1900. A world traveler, Job’s favorite place to photograph was Sussex, in England.


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