Une Charrue a Vérone Annan, James Craig  (Scottish, 1864-1946)

The 1895 international photographic art exposition hosted by the Photo-Club de Paris was held at the Galerie Durand-Ruel in Paris from March 22, 1895 – April 11, 1895. This image is from the the portfolio that accompanied the show. The large-plate, hand-pulled heliogravure (photogravure) is printed on French (mould made) white Marais paper in an edition of 480. An additional 30 copies were printed on Imperial Japan paper. The 64 individual photographs and one watercolor drawing (aquarelle) represented were printed by the French Atelier Charles Wittmann. Copper plates for the plate impressions were prepared by Lemercier, Dujardin, Richard Paulussen, Fillon et Heuse, R. Dunthom, J. Blechinger, Bordier, and Otto Schmidt. Letterpress was executed by L’Imprimerie Chaix.

Lombardy Ploughing Team, is part of a group of pastoral scenes Annan made in Italy. Though set in another country, the image typifies the strong British interest in idyllic landscapes, complete with farmer, trees, and animals. Lombardy Ploughing Team presents an idealzed vsion of rural life that previously had been painted by Barbizon artists and was currently promoted by members of the English arts and crafts movement. Annan avoided the mundane in this image, however, by utilizing an unorthdox pictures shape, probably influenced by Japanese art.


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