Trudging Thro’ Woods and Swamps

Text by Hamilton Wright Mabie accompanies the 12 photogravure plates which are fine landscapes and pastoral scenes in the Gravure-Gilbo process by A.W. Elson & Co., Boston. The plate margins are embellished with engraved drawings by Frank T. Merrill. "The Gilbo gravure method was named after Elson’s plant manager and was a method using the photo-galvanic method of electrotyping the plate from a matrix rather than etching a plate through a resist.". [1]

A.W. Elson & Co. named their plates "Gilbo-Gravure" or "photogrvures Gilbo" after Mr. Gilbo, the technical director of the firm.


[1] Hanson, David Checklist of photomechanical processes and printing 1825-1910, 2017 p. 60