Title Page Annan, James Craig  (Scottish, 1864-1946)

James Craig Annan’s friendship with some of Glasgow’s leading artists, including the ‘Glasgow Boys,’ resulted in some of his finest work. In 1908 Maclehose published The Glasgow School of Painters. It cost 5 guineas. The text was by George Baldwin Brown, Watson Gordon Professor of Fine Art in the University of Edinburgh. Annan’s photogravures consist of twenty portraits of the artists and fifty-four reproductions of some of their most important and famous works. The Glasgow Herald’s review of the book was full of praise. The writer was very proud that the city had produced the artists, printers and binders responsible for the ‘sumptuous tome’ with the ‘superb set of plates produced by an engraver who is himself in such close touch with the aims and work of the artists illustrated’. The book has also been described as a labor of love by someone who delighted in fine bookmaking.’

Reproduced / Exhibited

Smith, George Fairfull. "Thomas & James Craig Annan of Glasgow: Photographers and Publishers". The Private Library, Fifth Series, Volume 2:2 Summer 1999 Print.