The Willey-Brook Bridge Unknown

Views taken by photography, and directly transferred to paper by the heliotype process, fadeless and imperishable.

This publication is from one of the best groups of heliotype books published. Chisholm Brothers, who had the monopoly of selling in train stations and on board trains in the area, created a suite of White Mountains books that ran to three sets of books each in three different sizes, plus two compendium volumes in two size.

Represents one of the most important Heliotype groups from the entire publishing run of the Heliotype Co. The pictures, particularly in the Folio sizes, are exceptionally beautiful. (preface)

Chisholm Brothers published 3 series of Sweetser’s White Mountain views and in 3 different sizes this being the largest. Depending on the views to be printed the publishers stamped one, two, or three stars at lower center in the ornamental design of the front cover. One star indicated the views of Crawford Notch to Fayban’s; two stars indicated the views of Franconia Notch (extending north to include Bethlehem); three stars indicated views of Pinkham Notch from Glen to Glen Ellis Falls. This copy has one star.

Reproduced / Exhibited

Hanson, David A, and Sidney Tillim. Photographs in Ink: [exhibition], May 1-29, 1996, University College Art Gallery, Teaneck. Teaneck: NJ, 1996. plate 16