The Two Trees, Rothenburg Coburn, Alvin Langdon  (American, 1882-1966)

Boston-born Coburn based himself in London from around 1906, learning how to make photogravures at the London County Council School of Photo-engraving, and establishing a studio with two copperplate printing presses at the home he shared with his mother in Hammersmith. In the period 1909-14 he etched and steel-faced eighty-three plates, and oversaw the printing of some 40,000 hand-pulled gravures. While most of the gravures were for his books – New York, London, Men of Mark and Door in the Wall – he also made at least six large freestanding photogravures of which this is one.

Reproduced / Exhibited

Weaver, Mike. Alvin Langdon Coburn, Symbolist Photographer, 1882-1966: Beyond the Craft. New York: Aperture, 1986. p. 66

MoMA object number 180.1991


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