The Part of Day Davison, George  (British, 1854-1930)

It is very noticeable in almost all photographers’ attempts at ‘landscape with figures’ that the best are those in which the accessories selected for the interest they add to the scene are inanimate objects, or at least figures unconscious of the photographer and his intention. Now and again a very natural figure study is seen, as in several of Mr. Gale’s photographs, but the human element appears to be very generally too much for the methods of the ordinary photographer. ‘Homewards from Plow,’ taken in a Berkshire upland country, is a fine bit of tone, and a spirited study. Descriptive text by George Davison from ‘Sun Artists’ a publication that was said to be the first to represent the ‘artistic’ position of photography."

Reproduced / Exhibited

Harker, Margaret F. The Linked Ring: The Secession Movement in Photography in Britain, 1892-1910. London: Heinemann, 1979. pl 6.1