The Mall Calland, Eustace G.  (British, 1865-1959)

Perhaps Calland’s most famous photograph is known as "The Mall" (1896) published as the frontispiece in the January, 1898 issue of the Practical Photographer (1898: Volume IX) and also the January, 1900 (Volume 3 #3) issue of Camera Notes. This particular photograph was groundbreaking in many ways (and also seriously criticized and mocked by contemporaries) because it broke the so called accepted rules of pictorial composition by placing a tree in the center of the frame as a point of focus for the photograph.

Reproduced / Exhibited

Taylor, John. Pictorial Photography in Britain, 1900-1920. Cambridge, England: Chadwyck-Healey, 1900. fig. 2.

V&A XRP85 – RPS collection