The Jews’ Wailing-Place Shadbolt, Cecil  (British, 1859–1892)

This beautiful book is printed on India paper in addition of 100 and is exquisitely illustrated with 24 photogravures from photographs by Cecil V. Shadbolt printed by the partnership of Annan & Swan, a photoengraving firm set up by James Craig Annan and Donald Swan in London in 1885.

When the deluxe edition sold out after publication in 1888, the Religious Tract Society decided to offer a trade edition in 1894 to those who weren’t able to obtain or afford the expensive first edition. A limited and deluxe edition of 100 copies was printed in the same year. The Committee of the Religious Tract Society resolved to reprint it, and issue it at a price, which brought it within the reach of many to whom otherwise the normal cost of the first edition would have been prohibitive. The aim of the writer was to describe in simple language the chief observations and impressions made on him by the Holy Land. The author traveled alone, painting by day and writing his impressions in the evenings by campfire or lamp. The photographs depict Jericho, Jaffa, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, the Jordan River and other sites.


Harper, Henry A, and Cecil V. Shadbolt. Walks in Palestine. London: Religious Tract Society, 1888. Deluxe edition. Hardcover. 1/100. Folio. 128pp. Photographs by Cecil V. Shadbolt printed by Annan and Swann.

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