The Full Moon, From a Photograph Rutherfurd, Lewis M.  (American, 1816-1892)

This picture was engraved by Messrs. Van Ingen & Snyder, under our inspection, from one of Mr. Rutherford’s photographs for Prof. S. H. Peabody, to illustrate his work entitled The Elements of Astronomy, now in course of publication. This is, beyond doubt, the best engraving of its kind ever published, and reflects great credit on the artists who have produced it. If the other illustrations in Prof. Peabody’s book equal this one, it will be without a rival in this respect, either in this country or in Europe. [1]

Reproduced / Exhibited

[1] Journal of the Franklin Institue, Vol.LXXXVIII, No.526, Third Series. Vol. LVIII, No.4, October, 1869 p.228