Statue de Lafontaine Baldus, Edouard  (French, 1813-1889)

This is the first published work by Baldus before he took up photography. Originally trained as a painter and having also worked as a draughtsman and lithographer before switching to photography in 1849, Baldus became a central figure in the early development of French photography and acknowledged in his day as a pioneer in the still-experimental field. Baldus was widely acclaimed both for his aesthetic sensitivity and for his technical prowess. Beginning in the mid 1860s and lasting until the early 1880s, Baldus’ primary commercial activity centered on the production of photogravures, a process he first explored in 1854. [1]

Given that from whom Baldus first learned photography remains unknown, and that he was linked to Lemaître through this project, it is feasible that he was inspired by Lemaître who was also a contributor to the work.

Reproduced / Exhibited

Addleman-Frankel, Kate, Saskia Asser, and Édouard Baldus. After Photography?: The Photogravures of Édouard Baldus Reconsidered. , 2018. fig. 7. pg 17


[1] cited 02/22/23