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Sainte-Marie-Des-Fleurs. Florence. Geoffray, Stephane  (French, 1827-1895)

The Phototypie plates are by (Stephane) Geoffray of Paris. Geoffray was initially involved in photography in the early 1850’s and published a paper negative process at that time, but became a lawyer and banker. He returned to photography to set up a photomechanical printing operation in Paris in 1875. This set of phototypies (collotypes) is the largest example of his output. Despite the relative late date of this book and process, the images have a raw primitive ink-on-paper aesthetic, which is sometimes quite striking. The photographs are all from purchased tourist prints including one Robertson from Constantinople ca. 1855. [1]


[1] Hanson, David Checklist of photomechanical processes and printing 1825-1910, 2017