Ring Toss White, Clarence H.  (American, 1871-1925)

Ring Toss is an ingratiating vision of youthful feminine grace in a domestic setting. It signals a remove from the modern urban world and demonstrates White’s ability to find sentiment even in the commonplace. White’s famous picture eked out in a popular pastel shade called terracotta, imitating not only the color and texture of pastels, but the very spatial arrangements and formal informality of Degas’s ballet-dancer pastels. Those were themselves imitations of the off-center snapshot configurations, mixed with a great deal of Japanese woodcut stylizations. Photography was imitating painting which was imitating photography. [1]

Reproduced / Exhibited

Beaton, Cecil, and Gail Buckland. The Magic Image: The Genius of Photography. London: Pavilion, 1989.p. 103


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