Portrait of Dorothy Norman Stieglitz, Alfred  (American, 1864-1946)

From a portfolio of five Talbot-Klic photogravure reproductions of Stieglitz’s photographs. The film negatives were made by Jon Goodman at the studio of Richard Benson from original prints by Alfred Stieglitz. From an edition of 250 copies.

These images are from the collection of Stieglitz’s long-time assistant Dorothy Norman. "Dorothy Norman, Alfred Stieglitz’s close associate and working partner, selected the five photographs that comprise Alfred Stieglitz A Personal Vision Portfolio. The skyscrapers of New York, the portraits of Norman, and one of Stieglitz’s famous "Equivalents" make up the portfolio and are accompanied by an intimate remembrance by Dorothy Norman Together, these images are a discerning representation of the work of this great American artist, one of the pivotal forces in the course of twentieth-century art." Aperture