Portrait – Mr. Hoag Ulmann, Doris  (American, 1882-1934)

In Ulmann’s writing on back of mat: Portrait Mr. Hoag, Doris Ulmann, 1000 Park Avenue, New York City, also is rubber stamped: Tenth Annual Pittsburgh Salon of Photography at The Carnegie Institute 1925, Also exhibited 1923.

The oil print process is a photographic printmaking process that dates to the mid-19th century. Oil prints are made on paper on which a thick gelatin layer has been sensitized to light using dichromate salts. After the paper is exposed to light through a negative, the gelatin emulsion is treated in such a way that highly exposed areas take up an oil-based paint, forming the photographic image.

A face that has the marks of having lived intensely, that expresses some phase of life, some dominant quality or intellectual power, constitutes for me an interesting face. For this reason the face of an older person, perhaps not beautiful in the strictest sense, is usually more appealing than the face of a younger person who has scarcely been touched by life. Doris Ulmann