Portrait Puyo, Constant  (French, 1857-1933)

French photographer Constant Puyo, a prominent and founding member of the Photo-Club de Paris, published his first book, titled Notes sur La Photographie Artistique (Notes on Artistic Photography). Issued in wraps in a slightly larger than Quarto format and running 50 pages in length, the volume includes 10 full-page hand-pulled photogravures executed by Paul Dujardin and printed by Charles Wittmann, both of Paris, and an additional 39 halftone (typogravure) photos reproduced within the text pages.Print. (Wood 126 # 15) (Photoseed) Twenty-five preferred copies were issued on Japan paper. Puyo articulated an esthetic that was to be influential in both England and America. Alfred Stieglitz collected Puyo’s photographs and published them in Camera Work. The Truthful Lens 133