Plate I. The Great Pyramid and Sphynx James, Sir Henry

“4 photozincographs of photographs…Photos are “Nilometer at Cairo” for measuring the height of the water in the Nile, “The Great Pyramid and Sphynx,” “The Sphynx and Second Pyramid,” and “North east angle of the Great Pyramid.” Printed by the Ordnance Survey Dept., Southhampton. Sgt. McDonald has been suggested as the photographer, probably based on the fact that he was part of the survey in Jerusalem that helped on this project. There are three photo-zincographic books generally found with photographic images: the second edition of “On Photo-Zincography,” 1863; “Netley Abbey,” and this book. This process was little used because it was only done by a government printing concern and therefore limited to products of the Survey. Usually photozincography in England is discussed only in terms of John Pouncy and the Survey Office. As can be seen by other books in this [collection]…(1866:2, for example), more was done with this process than has normally been assumed.”–Hanson Collection catalog, p. 35