Plate 10 Naturselbstruck Auer, Alois  (Austrian, 1813-1869)

Die Entdeckung Des Naturselbstdruckes oder Die Erfindung (1854) is a virtuoso display of Alois Auer’s nature printing process, with over 40 separate nature-printed objects, including flowering plants, fossil with fish skeleton, bat wing, snake skin, leaves, fern, mosses, algae. Auer is generally regarded as the man who introduced “nature printing,” i.e., the use of actual specimens of an object to act as the printing plate. This volume was printed in answer to Henry Bradbury’s claim to have invented nature printing before Auer.

Reproduced / Exhibited

DiNoto, Andrea, and David Winter. The Pressed Plant. New York: Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2000.