PL. L Goupil Studio  (French)

The Woodburytype process was invented by Walter Bentley Woodbury (British, 1834–1885) and Joseph Wilson Swan (British, 1828–1914). Patented in 1864, the working details were published 1865. The Woodburytype process was one of the first successful photomechanical processes fully able to reproduce the delicate halftones of photographs. It was often considered the most perfect, most beautiful photomechanical process and inspired a number of books, magazines, and special edition printings between 1864 and 1910.

The present work, from the lavish portfolio Meubles et Objets d’Art des XV – XVI – XVII Siecles, was made by Goupil et Cie and was published in 1871. It is a rare and significant early example. Goupil bought an exclusive license for the exploitation of the Woodburytype process from Walter Woodbury in France in 1867.


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