Pl. E. 3 Puiseux, Pierre-Henri  (French, 1855-1928)

The Bureau des Longitudes is a French scientific institution founded in 1795 and charged with the improvement of nautical navigation, standardization of timekeeping, geodesy and astronomical observation. During the 19th century, it was responsible for synchronizing clocks across the world. It was headed during this time by François Arago and Henri Poincaré. The Bureau now functions as an academy and still meets monthly to discuss topics related to astronomy. The bureau published Annales du Bureau des Longitudes in thirteen volumes between between 1877 and 1949 with volume VII and volume VIII both published in 1911 by Gauther-Villars and containing several beautiful photogravure plates of the solar eclipse made by the firm of Schutzenberger, Paris, [1] Schützenberger was previously a partner in Heuse, Gaultier and Schutzenberger who peoduced a mojority of the photogravures for Loewy and Puiseux’s famous Atlas Photographique de la Lune.


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