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Paul Pretsch Luckhardt, Fritz  (Austrian, 1843-1894)

This book is a history of Photogalvanography by Pretsch, with full instructions and contemporary uses as well as discussion of other modifications, such as Mariot’s. Two samples of Mariot’s process, one a photogravure plate produced in 1869 and a photogravure portrait of Pretsch, 2 Photogalvanographs from Pretsch plates, one intaglio, one relief (both art), 2 Mariot Photo-Galvanogravures, one of scenery from 1869, one a map, 3 half-tones by Husnik, one from art, 2 from life.

Reproduced / Exhibited

Hanson, David A. Checklist of Photomechanical Processes and Printing, 1825-1910. , 2017. p. 114.


Volkmer, Ottomar. Die Photo-Galvanographie Zur Herstellung Von Kupferdruck Und Buchdruckplatten: Nebst Den Dazu Nöthigen Vor Und Nebenarbeiten. Halle a.S: W. Knapp, 1894.