On the Dykes Stieglitz, Alfred  (American, 1864-1946)

In July 1893, Alfred Stieglitz became editor of The American Amateur Photographer taking over for Catherine Weed Barnes. This is Stieglitz’s first editorial position and the start of his editorial career which culminated in the publication of Camera Work. Shortly after taking over as editor, he began to change the direction of the magazine by becoming more ‘selective’ in what would be included as good photography. At the time he was also directing the Photochrome Engraving Company in New York which might explain why two of his pictures are reproduced in very interesting ways: one, a portrait, is a half-tone with dull inks in slightly differed colors. So beautifully done that at first look, it could easily pass as a fine collotype; the second is a half-tone of cows printed in a maroon ink over a golden yellow tint block. These examples are likely his early experimentation with half-tone to achieve his high standards. There are also examples of this type of printing in The Photographic Times of 1894 by his company.