Negative Collage #19 Serbin, Vincent  (American, b.b.1951)

Vincent Serbin has been working at his own brand of photography for over 30 years. Serbin uses drawing, set construction, multiple-image printing and “negative collages” to create his dense works, which cover a multitude of subjects. In constructing his collages, Serbin combines upwards of three or four negatives, cutting or tearing out selected image areas from each negative and taping them together to create a single master negative. Serbin also incorporates words, graffiti-like doodles and outlines etched into the emulsion or marked on the surface of the negative. Although Serbin describes his darkroom procedures as fairly straightforward and conventional, he has developed some highly refined toning techniques that combine selective applications of selenium, sepia toner, and bleach to create what he describes as a “speckled effect.” Vincent Serbin, who was awarded a New York Foundation for the Arts fellowship grant in 2000, boasts an impressive resume of exhibitions spanning more than a quarter of a century.

Reproduced / Exhibited

Wood John. 2002. 21st: The Journal of Contemporary Photography ; Volume 5 Strange Genius : First ed. South Dennis Massachusetts: Leo and Wolfe Photography.