Moschee Yeni Valideh in Constantinopel. Rothschild, Nathaniel Mayer von  (Vienna, 1836-1905)

Entitled Reise-Erinnerungen (’travel memories’) this volume was privately published by Friedrich Jasper and printed by Blechinger & Leykaufin in Vienna in 1901. Reise-Erinnerungen is an album of heliogravure images of scenic views of European people and landscapes, with additional images taken in Egypt.

Nathaniel Mayer von Rothschild (‘Puggy’) was born in Vienna, the son of Anselm and Charlotte. Nathaniel, and to a greater extent his brother Salomon Albert, ran the Viennese bank after the death of their father. His interests were much wider than banking. His botanical gardens, the Hohe Warte, were available for enjoyment by the public, and he also built for his own use a town house on the Theresianumgasse in Vienna. He kept his own stud and bred numerous fine horses including three Derby winners. In common with other members of his family, Nathaniel was a generous benefactor of many institutions; he founded a general hospital, institutes for the blind and deaf, an orphanage and a neurological clinic.

Together with his brother Albert, photography was one of Nathaniel’s many interests. Nathaniel was a leading member (and benefactor) of the Viennese Camera Club, publishing several volumes of his images as gifts for family and friends.