Mezzotint Fielding, Theodore Henry Adolphus  (British, 1781-1851)

This book contains examples of all engraving techniques at the time photography was invented. The section on photography describes three methods, ostensibly Talbot’s, where an image is obtained on paper treated with nitrate or chloride of silver, Niepce’s plate preparation with resins, bitumens or essential oils, and Daguerre’s. The second edition appears to be from the sheets of the first edition (1841) with a reset publisher.

Reproduced / Exhibited

The Art of Engraving, with the Various Modes of Operation Under the Following Different Divisions: Etching, Soft-Ground Etching, Line Engraving, Chalk and Stipple, Aquatint, Mezzotint, Lithography, Wood Engraving, Medallic Engraving, Electrography, and Photography: Illustrated with Specimens of the Different Styles of Engraving. London: Ackermann and Co, 1841.


[1] Gernsheim INCUNABULA #652