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Mending Nets Stieglitz, Alfred  (American, 1864-1946)

"Mending Nets is of a rare poetry, the effect of atmosphere being wonderfully rendered" Robert Demachy Camera Notes v2, no 3

Stieglitz made a number of images of fisher folk at a costal town in the Neteherlands and claimed that this one was his favorite because of how it typified their very existence. “It expresses the life of a young Dutch woman; every stitch in the mending of the fishing net, the very rudiment of her existence, brings forth a torrent of poetic thoughts in those who watch her sit there on the vast and seemingly endless dunes, toiling with that seriousness and peacefulness which is so characteristic of these sturdy people. All her hopes are concentrated in this occupation – it is her life.” Just as Emerson investigated the lifestyle of the inhabitants on the Norfolk Broads, Stieglitz was intent upon picturing typical activities of these particular Dutch subjects.

Reproduced / Exhibited

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