Marchesa Casati De Meyer, Baron Adolf  (American, 1868-1946)

Baron Adolph de Meyer was a French photographer. In 1893 he settled in London and joined the Royal Photographic Society. During his career he portrayed the most important celebrities of his time such as Nizhinsky, members of the British royal family and the Marquise Luisa Casati Stampa. In 1913 he moved to New York to collaborate with Alfred Stieglitz and work as a fashion photographer for Condé Nast. In 1922 de Meyer moved to Paris and worked for Harper’s Bazaar until 1938. This beautiful close-up of the Marquise Casati Stampa was exhibited in the autumn of 1912 in New York at Stieglitz’s "291" gallery and received great praise from the public.

Reproduced / Exhibited

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