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Le Terril Marissiaux, Gustave  (Belgian, 1872-1929)

Marissiaux was a member and co-founder of the "Association Belge de la Photography" and the "Société Française de Photographie". Between 1895 and 1918 he won major awards at international exhibitions including in Roubaix (1899) and Turin (1903). Marissiaux along with Leonard Misonne is considered the most important Belgian art photographer of his time. His Portfolio "Visions d’Artistes" (1908) was his Opus Magnum and gave an overview of the photographs he took between 1899 and 1908. Marissiaux made most of the photographs during his travel in France and Italy. There are two versions of the Portfolio: one printed on Japanese and the other on Old Holland paper. The photogravures were printed by H. Vaillant-Carmanne in Liège. An excellent example of the photogravure process’s capacity to convey atmosphere. This collection also includes a wide variety of ink colors chosen to reinforce the mood of the image exemplifying the pictorialist sentiment in Europe. Limited to 75 numbered copies, 25 on Japan paper, and 50 on "papier à la forme"