Larch Young, Andrew  (Scottish, 1854-1925)

Printed for Private Circulation in 1879, this woodburytype is from a large, beautiful, and little-known photography with 29 photographs of trees made by the photographer Andrew Young of Burntisland, and printed according to the Woodbury process of Lock & Whitfield of London. "The following pages are the result of numerous wanderings through the counties of Fife and Kinross during the summers of 1875-6-7-8. The localities visited, and the many fine specimens of Trees and Shrubs which came under our notice, afforded us both pleasure and instruction, and in submitting our observations for perusal, our chief object will be fulfilled if we can interest the Reader in the subject of Arboriculture, or contribute a little to the information and enjoyment of any lover of nature."–from the Preface. The photographs of the magnificent trees are, quite simply, very beautiful, the trees mostly standing alone; the Woodburytype prints are in their characteristic chocolate brown color. Printed in an edition of 100.

AndrewYoung was a professional photographer who lived and worked in Burntisland, Scotland. His reputation as a photographer spread far beyond his native Burntisland, and he was a significant contributor to prestigious publications such as Cassell & Company’s ‘Sights and Scenes in Scotland’ – a circa 1900 subscription-only publication in four volumes with around 225 large scale photographs, ‘Dedicated by Special Permission to Her Majesty Queen Victoria’. [1]

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Princeton Graphic Arts Collection 2006-0145F


[1] 01/14/24