La Daguerreotypomanie (Daguerreotypomania) Maurisset, Théodore  (French, 1803-1860)

This playful lithograph published shortly after the announcement of the invention of the daguerreotype suggests the chaotic world that photography would create, chronicling the many ways entrepreneurs hoped to cash in on the daguerreotype craze. Long lines of people wait to be photographed, with entrepreneurs offering training and photographic equipment. The death of the business of engraving is suggested by an offering of "Potences a Louer pour MM Les Graveurs" [gallows for hire for the engravers] and showing engravers committing suicide because their jobs have been taken away. Adjacent to this harrowing scene a sign reads "epruve daguerrienne sur paper" [daguerrean proof on paper] showing Alfred Donne working under a dark cloth. Donne was experimenting at the time with engraving daguerreotypes for reproduction.

Maurisset imagines a world dominated by photography and where even time, in the form of a camera-like clock, is measured by it. In a comically exaggerated way, Maurisset was expressing the fears of artists about a discovery many believed posed a threat to their profession.

Reproduced / Exhibited

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