John Bauer Goodwin, Henry Buergel  (Swedish, 1838-1931)

Henry Buergel Goodwin, (1878-1931) was considered Sweden’s most important pictorial photographer from the first World War period through the 1920’s. Printed in a limited edition of 200, the 24 photogravure portraits of artists like John Bauer, Anders de Wahl, Pauline Brunius, Gabo Falk, Ragnar Östberg, Einar Nerman, Harriet Bosse, Carl Milles, Jenny Hasselqvist and others were printed by J. B. Obernetter in Munich in a style very similar to Coburn’s. A contemporary of Alvin Langdon Coburn, Goodwin like Coburn learned the art of copper-plate gravure printing in his Stockholm studio and published several limited-edition volumes, this being his finest.


Rolf Söderberg. Henry B. Goodwin. Pictorialist and Portraitist. Stockholm 1987