Janssen 1824-1907 Boissonnas, Fred  (Swiss, 1858–1946)

Pierre Jules César Janssen (22 February 1824 – 23 December 1907), also known as Jules Janssen, was a French astronomer who, along with English scientist Joseph Norman Lockyer, is credited with discovering the gaseous nature of the solar chromosphere, and with some justification the element helium.

François-Frédéric Boissonnas (18 June 1858 – 17 October 1946), known as Fred Boissonnas, was a Swiss photographer from Geneva. His work is considered crucial for the development of photography in Greece, and its use in favorably publicizing the country’s expansionist ambitions, during the early 20th century. Boissonnas constitutes a central figure in the transition from 19th century approaches to a more contemporary photography of antiquities.