“Going Off” Emerson, Peter Henry  (British, 1856-1936)

This platinum print by Peter Henry Emerson is from the very rare catalog entitled A Selection of Prize Pictures from The London Stereoscopic and Photographic Company’s Amateur Photographic Exhibition, May, 1885. Little information has been located about this specific exhibition. According the the entry in the catalog of the Harry Ransom Center (the only other example I could find), the exhibit was held at Gullick’s Galleries, May, 1885, under the patronage of Lord Walter Campbell, Lady Brassey, Col. Stuart-Wortley, Col. E. D. Malcolm, Col. McMahon, Rev. F. W. Tremlett, A. Berens, A. G. Dew-Smith, W. F. Donkin, E. H. Griffiths, John Spiller, B. B. Turner, (and) P. H. Emerson. Emerson was awarded second place.

The print offers a rare opportunity to compare an Emerson platinum with photogravure as the same image, entitled A Suffolk Shrimper “Going Off”, appeared as a photogravure in Pictures of East Anglian Life (1888).

Reproduced / Exhibited

Harry Ransom Center PH-00846



Russell Norton, Stereo World Magazine, Volume 16, Number 2, 1989.