Lendvai-Dircksen, Erna, and Paul Seelhoff. Unsere Deutschen Kinder: Mit 105 Kupfertiefdruckbildern. , 1932.

This book is a good example of the quality that can be achieved with a screened photogravure plate on a high volume wep press. Images appear on both sides of the page.

Our children are our delicious good, entrusted to us by God. Their souls are particularly close to God’s sources of strength. We mothers have always been chosen to be guardians at the source, which has its origin in the divine being and being. Let us do our best to protect these clear sources from anything that could tarnish them, because our children are the stream of life that flows from our own being into the future; we also ensure that this stream is strong and vital and that the holy waters that flow in it remain in the everlasting rhythm. (google translatee from the book)