Forét de Fontainebleau Harrison, William D.  (b.d.1893)

This woodburytype was printed by Goupil shortly after they purchased the French rights to the Woodburytype process. Goupil set up a factory at Asnières to produce photographie photoglyptique or Woodburytypes. It was not strictly a printing process, but a method of reproducing the three-dimensional image of a gelatin print in which the depth of tone was given by the thickness of colored gelatin. The original produced by a purely photographic process on a metal plate, was cold pressed into a lead mold, which was then used to impress hot colored gelatin onto paper.

Harrison was an Englishman located in Paris who also had a home in Barbizon and produced many photographs usable by artists. He exhibited some of these at the Société Française de Photographie. During part of the 1860s he was the Paris correspondent for the British Journal of Photography.

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An Exhibition on Photographic Reproduction Processes from The Collection of Samuel J. Wagstaff, Jr. at the Grolier Club. 1983