Fig. 276. Abyssinian Draper, John William  (American, 1811-1882)

John William Draper (1811–1882) was an English-born American scientist, philosopher, physician, chemist, historian and photographer. He is credited with producing the first clear photograph of a female face (1839–40) and the first detailed photograph of the moon in 1840. This publication included nearly 300 wood engravings, many photographically reproduced. Draper reproduced his own photomicrographs and photo-reductions of wood engravings taken from other publications. These photo-reductions of art work may be the first of their type in America. Unfortunately, neither Draper nor Harpers discussed the method employed for making the engravings. [1]


[1] Hanson, David A. "The Beginnings of Photographic Reproduction in the Usa." History of Photography. 12.4 (1988): 357-376