Fac-Simile of Antique Ivory. Adam Naming the Beast II Acts of St. Paul Pretsch, Paul  (Austrian, 1808-1873)

Produced from a photograph by Photo-Galvano-Graphic process. Published by Rich and Griffin and Company, London & Glasgow. Printed by T. [Brookes].

By the mid 1850s reproducing photographs in ink was primitive at best. Various attempts were being made but few were successful. Paul Pretsch’s "photogalvanographic" process was one of the first successful methods. Pretch’s best known work in photogalvanography was Photographic Art Treasures… the first experiment in publishing an illustrated periodical devoted to the arts, executed in de luxe style with inserts produced by photographic printing plates. [1] 


[1]  Eder, Josef M. History of Photography p.32