Eleonore Duse Steichen, Edward  (American, 1879-1973)

Published twice monthly from 1864 thru 1911, Photographische Mitteilungen had always included a variety of photographic illustrations, similar to other technical photographic journals of the day.  Early in its life, these took the form of original photographs. Later, beginning in the early 1890’s, hand-pulled photogravures began appearing in the journal. By this time, Dr. Ernst Vogel, the son of H.W. Vogel, was co-editing the journal and carrying on his father’s interest in color photography by doing extensive research in the three-color halftone reproduction process. In 1893, Ernst Vogel entered the photo-engraving business in partnership with Georg Büxenstein in Berlin. Earlier, hand-pulled photogravures had appeared in the journal by the Berlin atelier Meisenbach Riffarth. After the formation of the Büxenstein partnership however, more and more photogravure plates appeared in its pages, with almost all after 1900 being done by them. (Photoseed)