Edmund L. Lushington, Prof Greek Annan, Thomas  (Scottish, 1829-1887)

Thomas Annan, originally a copperplate engraver in Glasgow, took up photography in 1855, specializing in landscapes and art reproductions, with which he achieved a reputation which extended far beyond the borders of his native Scotland. His fine portraits of Livingstone, the professors at Glasgow University’ and other well-known contemporaries, were not taken in the ordinary course of business, but for publication. They are simple and straightforward, and characterized by complete absence of the usual studio ‘Drops’ and stereotyped poses evident in most professional work of the time. Stylistically they show the influence of his friend D. O. Hill

Reproduced / Exhibited

Stevenson, Sara. Thomas Annan, 1829-1887. Edinburgh: National Galleries of Scotland, 1990. Plate 6. Fig. 7 (alt).

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